Scope of Service

Mining Law

Businesses and individuals involved in the mining industry regularly confront an array of legal and business issues that range from day-to-day personnel and operating concerns to complex regulation and litigation matters. Policies and procedures pertaining to hazardous materials, land preservation, air and water quality, the protection of endangered species, mine safety and health concerns require mining industry leaders to stay vigilant with regard to compliance and violation management. As a law firm, we provide quality legal counsel to clients in the mining industry.

Advertising & Marketing Law

We offer full legal service to organisations in a variety of industries covering well-known retail, consumer, media and advertising interests. We have developed particular expertise in advising clients in the fast moving consumer goods, retail, media and advertising agency industry. We also advise clients in entertainment image rights and licensing. We have significant knowledge of the advertising and marketing industry and can offer our clients practical insights and guidance on their advertising and marketing campaigns. We act for a number of household brands, domestic and international retailers and leading advertising agencies in Kenya. We assist clients with the drafting and negotiation of agency contracts, sponsorship agreements and licence agreements. We regularly deal with complaints on behalf of clients and advise on comparative advertising, product placement, image rights and all aspects of consumer law. We assist clients with protecting the intellectual property rights in their marketing and advertising campaigns. We advise on promotional campaigns and prize draws, including drafting terms and conditions, advising on lotteries and data protection legislation.

Intellectual Property

We have expertise in intellectual property law and handles various matters under this head, including

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Industrial Designs and Copy right

Commercial & Corporate Law

We act as corporate legal advisers to a number of businesses. This range from incorporation and registration of companies, NGOs, Cooperative Societies and business names. Corporate practice: including preparation and filing of annual returns, drafting of directors’ and shareholders resolutions, and attending to changes to Memoranda and articles of Association. Security documents such as debentures, chattels mortgages .Trust – deeds and rules of pension and provident funds.

Property & Conveyancing Law

Our clients come to us from across all sectors and include individuals, SACCO’s, Self – help Groups and Corporate. We have a proven record in creating and advising on securities, including: mortgages, charges, debentures, loan agreements for banks, microfinance institutions and lending companies, transfer of property and real estate rights transactions, longterm leases for developments and sectional property transaction , change of user, Power of Attorney , Wills, Succession, Probate and Administration.
In Property Development Advisory; Acquisition, sales, loan, securities and property finance.
New Areas: Real Estate Investment Trusts.


Diligence, Competence, Efficiency, Determination and Integrity guide the firm as it handles any litigation that arises in the normal course of business on behalf of its clients including:- Banking and financial claims and defences including mortgage, realization and debt recovery, Business and Commercial Litigation, Co-operatives, Construction and building, Employment, Financial and Corporate Matters, Insolvency, Property Law, Landlord and Tenant, Partnership disputes, Insurance Law & Personal injury claims.

Labour & Employment Law

We have acted for both employers and employees in advising on Kenyan law employment matters (both in contentious and non – contentious matters) and this has given us a valuable understanding of the employment relationship. We also advise on employee benefits, relevant work permits for non – residents.

Banking & Finance Law

In all instances both the bank and the borrower need to have legal representation to ensure their interests have been taken into considerations in various contracts and most importantly, that both parties know their rights and obligations under the contract. Our expertise is in Syndicated lending, acquisition finance, asset finance and security perfection.

Foreign investment

The firm has acted for a number of foreigners setting up business in Kenya and assisted them in the following; General advisory and consultancy, Company registration and Incorporation, Immigration including processing work permits, Property Acquisition, Licencing, Liasing with the Kenya Investment Authority, Employment matters, Legal Documentation, Contracts.

Public Interest Litigation

Seeks to obtain redress for violation of rights or the constitution, challenge government action or inaction, legislation or polices.

Family, Divorce, Custody & Matrimonial Property

We have undertaken varied engagements under this head by providing reliable solutions in family disputes, child law interventions. We advise on matrimonial property matters non- contentious and contentious matters from the initial potential dispute situation, negotiating and preventive stages, start of the proceedings, trial and beyond.